REMINDER: The Society's Gibson-Mack-Holt House is open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 1pm to 4pm.

- Visit the new doll collection - a recent donation from Niel Isbrandtsen Rising. The dolls are from all over the globe.

Society News
3/19/13 - It is with great sadness that we note the passing of longtime member and supporter James Shaughnessy. James will be missed by all who believe in preserving Bay Shore's history.
Donations to the Society in memory of James Shaughnessy have been made by the generous individuals and groups listed below:
Peter and Ann Sidoti
Jewell Jacobsen
Bay Shore Music Lovers Club
Adele McLaughlin
Richard and Pat Hucke and Family
Anne and Bob Yunick
John and Donna White
Bob and Priscilla Hancock
Preston Raynor
George and Jacqueline Lipp
Ridge Post Office
Susan Souhrada and Family
Gary Faryna
Barbara and Bruce Byrnes
Lynne Knipper
Dorothy Morgan
M W Beaulieu and Mary Jean Beaulieu
Barbara Flannery
Eileen E. Goettel
Mary and Peter Sidoti
Everett F. and Rita P. Seidenberg
Mr. and Mrs. John Mistretta
Harry W. Havermeyer


New Bay Shore Business members of the Society:
Juliette Lowery - Attorney at Law - 6 Ocean Ave
Kennedy LI Real Estate - 226 E. Main St.