Resort Hotels
For more information on any of Bay Shore's Resort Hotels, please visit the Historical Reference Library at the Bay Shore Historical Society.
The Old Cortland House

Cortland Wicks established the Old Cortland House about 1809. Located on East Main Street between Fourth Avenue and Third Avenue, the Old cortland House served as a stagecoach stopover for travellers venturing from Brooklyn and Sag Harbor

New Cortland House

Joseph McGowan established the New Cortland House about 1911 and The Skipper Bar was added in 1930.  Located on the Northeast corner of Fourth Avenue and Main Street, the New Cortland House was torn down in 1940.

Dominy House

Felix Dominy House was established about 1861.  Located on East Main Street between Third Avenue and Bay Shore Road, the Dominy House was owned by Phebe and Felix Dominy, who had also served as the second keepers of the Fire Island Lighthouse.  It was torn down in the late 1930’s.

Prospect House

Commodore John M. Rogers established the Prospect House in 1870. Located at 53 Ocean Avenue, its main building accommodated 200 visitors and the outlying cottages an additional 200 visitors. Destroyed by fire in 1903, only the original carriage house and 96 Ocean Avenue remain on the original site.

Linwood Hotel

John B. Pullis established the Linwood Hotel in about 1888.  Located on the Southeast corner of South Clinton Avenue and Linden Place, the Linwood Hotel temporarily housed World War 1 Navy flyers from the Bay Shore Areo Station while their barrackes were being constructed.  The Linwood was destroyed by fire on October 11, 1925.

Johnson Hotel

Located on the Southeast corner of East Main Street at Homan Avenue, the Johnson Hotel included a bowling alley located in the rear building.

Howell House

John R. Howell established the Howell House in about 1855.  Located at 56 Shore Lane, the original structure still stands in that location and currently serves as as a rooming house.  Howell was a prominent businessman during his lifetime and the Howell family Coat of Arms can be found engraved in the western staircase of the State Capital Building in Albany.

Martha Hamilton

The Martha Hamilton was located on Street across from the present Bay Shore Post Office, in the lot behind the present Citi Bank building.

Commercial Hotel

The Commercial Hotel was located on West Main Street.

Shanley Hotel

During the late 1800's, the Shanley Hotel was located on the west side of South Ocean Avenue just south of the Linwood and Clintonian Hotels.

Clintonian Hotel

Located on the Southeast corner of South Clinton Avenue and at 22 Lawrence Avenue . In the 1930’s many Vaudeville performers stayed there


Located on East Main Street opposite Penataquit Avenue (on the present Burger King site), the Fair-vu Lodge also served as the Red Cross Nurses’ House.

St. Georges Hotel

Located at the foot of South Clinton Avenue just before entering the Bay Shore Marina (the location of Benjamin’s Beach at that time), the St. George was also known as the Cooper Auburn.

Bay Shore Inn

Located verlooking the Great South Bay and popular Benjamin’s Beach, the Bay Shore Inn was also later called Hotel Mildred.

Beginning in the late 1800s, wealthy New York City residents wanting to escape the heat and crowds of summer in the city ventured to Bay Shore to enjoy the cool summer breezes, wide array of water-related activities, and lively resort town atmosphere.  By the turn of the century, Bay Shore had become firmly established itself as a premier "summer playground" for wealthy tourists.